Shared Apartment

We have individual rooms in 3 shared apartments in order to offer students a comfortable stay. Each one has its own room, sharing common spaces such as kitchen, living room, terrace, etc. with other roommates. 

Shared house

Rodriguez Peña 274 - Centro

In this shared house, the CHE BUENOS AIRES school is located on the ground floor and on the 2 upper floors there are 9 single rooms with a large roof terrace.

Shared Apartment

Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear 929 - Recoleta

This beautiful flat is a cosy and stylish shared apartment that offers bedrooms to tourists and students from all over the world. It consists of 6 individual rooms, 5 of them have a queen-size bed that are sharing 2 bathrooms.

Shared Apartment

Paraguay Street 917 - Recoleta

This shared apartment is located on the first floor of an elegant 2-story building and has a beautiful ambience with its own outdoor patio and lots of natural light in all rooms. It offers 8 individual rooms, each one with a queen-size bed sharing 3 bathrooms.

The majority of our guests are university students, interns and tourists from different countries in the world. For those who prefer, we offer rooms with private bathrooms.

One of the apartments is located in the same building as the school and has 9 single rooms and 8 bathrooms. The other 2 apartments are located in the neighborhood of Recoleta.