What does CHE mean?


"CHE, let's get something to eat?" This and other sentences including the word CHE are used all the time in Buenos Aires and you are going to hear them a lot. CHE is used so often in Argentina to address people that the expression CHE is considered a synonym for Argentina in other Latinamerican countries. The most well known example is the Rosario born doctor and revolutionary Ernesto "CHE" Guevara. As he was always addressed with CHE, people outside Argentina thought this was his real name.

In English CHE means something like "hey" or "mate". However, an exact translation is difficult. The origin of CHE is not clear either. Some think it stems from one of the native languages of Latinamerica, others see the origin more in ancient Spanish. However, a third possibility traces the origin of CHE back to Italian and according to this theory the word CHE was brought to Argentina by the many Italian immigrants.

One thing is for sure: For us CHE means Casa Hispanoamericana de Español.