Argentine Tango is ritualised sensuality and flaming passion. A nostalgic dance whose fascination triggers our desire even more today. It does not come as a surprise there is such a Tango boom in our technological age of the communication revolution by email and internet. 

There are Tango schools all around Buenos Aires. Prácticas and Milongas are offered in many places and in addition concerts, shows and festivals are hold. You can hear live Tango music in the airports, railway stations and shopping centers. Tango dancers practise even on the streets, for example in the famous artists' quarter of San Telmo.

Tango classes in Buenos Aires are not organised as continuous courses, but you decide after each lesson whether you continue. The advantage is that you do not have to stick with one teacher or location. You can rather check out several offers in order to find out which teacher, what kind of classes and which dancing style (Tango Salón, Vals, Milonga, Nuevo Tango) you prefer.

You get all up to date information about the world of Tango in Buenos Aires in free leaflets (El Tangauta, B.A. Tango, El Compadrito).