Cost of living

There is no better time than now for foreigners to come to Argentina and to enjoy the best of Argentina’s culture at a very affordable price. The peso value has significantly dropped in the past months which is bad news for residents of Argentina and great news for foreigners wanting to take a vacation here!

Average prices of products in Buenos Aires.

• Bottle of wine in the supermarket: From ARS 100 (USD 2.50)
• Steak, salad and a glass of wine in a restaurant: From ARS 500 (USD 12.50)
• Big beer in a restaurant (1l): From ARS 200 (USD 5)
• Coffee: From ARS 40 (USD 1)
• Short bus ride: From ARS 15 (USD 0.40)
• 4 hour bus ride: From ARS 800 (USD 20)
• Tango class: From ARS 150 (USD 3.75)
• Cinema ticket: From ARS 250 (USD 6.25)
• T-shirt: From ARS 300 (USD 7.50)
• Hair cut: From ARS 300 (USD 7.50)

Please note that prices in Argentina are subject to change. That is why they are only approximate values.

Moment of rising prices: September 2018