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Individual Classes

In the individual classes you can work individually on your Spanish skills. Everyone can focus on what interests him particularly. This is a custom-made course, ideally for those with only little time.

The course is structured in such a way that your personal, linguistic and professional requirements are optimally fulfilled. You can determine the focus, the speed as well as the organization of the course.

You can book the individual classes separately as a course or in addition to a group course. If you do book individual classes without attending a group course, you must register for at least 10 lessons per week. If you select the individual classes in addition to a group course, there is no minimum number of lessons.

 Number of lessons: Minimum of 10 lessons per week or any number if combined with a group course.

 Duration of lessons: 50 minutes
 Class size: 1 student
 Levels: All

 Minimum age: 18 years
 Course duration: Minimum 1 week

 Course beginning: Each Monday, all year round
 Class schedule: By agreement

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