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Common European Framework

The common European framework distinguishes between six different reference levels ranging from basic knowledge (A1) to nearly native command of a language (C2). For classification the four skills listening, reading, speaking and writing are considered.

The common European framework was developed in order to bring transparency to language learning and to facilitate mutual recognition of language certificates. This enables the comparison of students' language levels between different languages.

table of levels

Basically, CHE Buenos Aires offers 6 different levels in accordance with the common references of the European market for language learning. We give our best to improve your oral as well as your written Spanish skills continuously. Further, we are pleased to make you experience Argentinean culture and the Argentinean way of life by means of varietal lessons. Our point of reference is the everyday use of language in daily situations.

At CHE Buenos Aires we use the textbook Gente published by Difusión. Gente is one of the few textbooks that follow strictly the common European framework and which are used and recommended by the "Instituto Cervantes". Every textbook is complemented by a book of exercises and two audio CDs. Gente is based upon a "neutral" form of Spanish; this means in the grammar part the forms "tú" and "vosotros" are thaught as well. As all teachers at CHE Buenos Aires stem from Argentina they will use the Spanish spoken in the region of the Rio de la Plata in the oral part of the classes. This means instead of "tú" they will use "vos" and "vosotros" will not be used at all as in whole Latin America. Besides working with the textbook, classes are complemented by specific material related to Argentine daily life (newspaper articles, radio transmissions, songs, etc.)

The first textbook Gente as well as the book of exercises are included in the course price and you are free to take them back home after termination of your course.