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Overview Intensive Course

Number of lessons: 20 lessons per week (daily 4 lessons)
Duration of lessons: 50 minutes
Class size: 3-5 students
Levels: All
Minimum age: 18 years
Course duration: Minimum 1 week
Course beginning: Each Monday, all year round
Class schedule: Monday - Friday, 9 am - 1 pm

Intensive Course

In this course, the knowledge of the Spanish language on all levels will be taught to you. You will receive 20 lessons weekly in mini groups of a maximum of 5 participants.

Both the verbal and the written Spanish knowledge are deepened. All ranges of the language are treated: Grammar, reading, listening, writing, as well as idioms and conversation. The Spanish that is taught is the Spanish you will need in everyday situations, while travelling, at work or in your spare time.

Classes are given through motivated, university-trained teachers, who are anxious to give you exciting and motivating classes. Thanks to the small number of participants we can focus on each student of the class.

The course is suitable for students, who would like to enjoy some more spare time, as it still leaves sufficient time for your activities outside the school.

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