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We offer Spanish courses in mini groups (maximum 5 students), individual classes or a combination of mini groups and individual classes.

Our courses are provided in agreement with "the common European reference framework" (A1-C2) in 6 levels. If after completion of the classification test no class should exist for your level at that moment (minimum 3 students with 20 lessons per week), you will receive "twin classes" (15 lessons per week) or "individual lessons" (10 lessons per week). For more detailed information see Terms & Conditions.

All our courses are based on interactive teaching methods, in which the linguistic handling of everyday situations and the systematic learning of the grammar are combined. Role plays, discussions and other innovative communication techniques are a firm component in the lessons of our teachers.

We use the textbook Gente published by Difusión, which follows the guidelines of the European reference framework and the "Instituto Cervantes". In addition, the Latin American culture is included, in order to make you familiar with the language peculiarities and customs beyond the Atlantic.

After completion of the course you will receive a certificate which will specify the type of course that you have attended at CHE Buenos Aires, the course duration and the language level you have achieved.