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Buenos Aires, the capital of the Tango, also well known as "the Paris of the south", is a fascinating combination of European modern trends and Latin American passion and charm. With its 12 million inhabitants Buenos Aires is one of South America's most cultured and most delightful cities.

The metropolis "lives and dances" around the clock and you can expect an incomparable richness when it comes to cultural offerings, whether your interests lie in architecture, art, music or nightlife.

The various districts are very diverse and every single one emanates a different ambiance.
The most well known district - San Telmo - is the artist quarter. It belongs to the most beautiful and historically interesting neighbourhood. With its cobblestone alleys, edged with low buildings with jazz and tango bars as well as antique shops, it has kept its colonial character.

Dip into this cosmopolitan variety, enjoy a late meal in one of the excellent restaurants in the Recoleta district and let yourself be inebriate by one of the many impressive Tango shows!

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