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In addition to regular classes from Monday to Friday, your stay is complemented by excursions and cultural activities such as tango shows, walking tours or football games. All activities are free of charge, students only pay their own consumption (admissions, meals, bus tickets).

City Tour
Studying in Buenos Aires is going to be a fascinating experience for you. However, at the beginning this vibrating city might confuse you a little. As we want you to feel happy right from the beginning, CHE Buenos Aires organises each Monday a short city tour for new students.

Who does not dream of visiting a tango show or even of dancing a tango himself in Buenos Aires, the world's capital city of tango? This dream comes true at CHE Buenos Aires. We organise regular visits of tango shows. Further, you have the opportunity to benefit from tango classes with experienced tango dancers. Of course, we are always open to answer your questions regarding tango.

Football is one of the Argentines' biggest passions. This makes it an unforgettable experience to visit a football game in the country of the twofold world champion, even for non-football aficionados. With CHE Buenos Aires you can experience pure emotions during a football game of Boca Juniors or River Plate.

Walking tours through different neighbourhoods
One of the best possibilities to know about Argentinean history and culture walking through the different neighbourhoods with our local guide. Each quarter has its own life and shows a different aspect of Buenos Aires. The excursions are complimented by a visit to one of the many traditional coffee places.

Dinner at an Argentine «parrilla»
Argentina is the land of barbecues or asados as it is called here. Argentinean beef is supposed to be the best in the world. It is a true delicacy to eat a steak that has been grilled in the traditional way on charcoal. Besides enjoying the meet, an asado is a nice get-together of people. As an attractive eventing activity we go for dinner to one of the many parrillas in town.