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First School Day

Your first school day starts on Monday morning at 08.15 am. If that Monday is a holiday, your course gets started on Tuesday.

First, the students‘ level is checked by means of a placement test. After that, students are allocated to a class according to their level. Classes usually start at 09.00 am.

After the lessons we offer to new students a welcome snack and give important information regarding the city, its neighbourhoods, public transport, banks, sightseeing, etc.

To get along in Buenos Aires as fast as possible, we give welcome packages to new students including a map of Argentina, a city map, a subway map, tango addresses as well as other useful information and tips.

Further, on Monday afternoon, we offer to new students a short city tour on foot. This is an opportunity for students to get a first impression of CHE Buenos Aires, of its surroundings and of the city.